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Nanopore sequencing offers advantages in all areas of research. Our offering includes DNA sequencing, as well as RNA and gene expression analysis and future technology for analysing proteins.

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Our goal is to enable the analysis of anything, by anyone, anywhere.

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We have developed the world’s first and only nanopore DNA and RNA sequencing platform.

It’s a new generation of sequencing technology; the only one to offer: scalability to portable or ultra-high throughput formats, real-time data delivery, and the ability to elucidate rich biological data.

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Use of the technology

The platform is used by scientific researchers to answer questions about the biology of people, plants, animals, pathogens and environments. It is also increasingly being used in ‘applied’ settings such as clinical diagnostics, epidemiology and food safety. It is our goal to enable users to answer a wide range of important biological questions that solve real-world challenges, whether in healthcare, epidemiology, environmental science, food and agriculture or education.

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Nanopore sequencing, the only technology that offers scientific researchers:

  • Sequence any DNA/RNA fragment length from short to ultra-long Characterise more genetic variation, versatile to broad applications
  • Direct sequencing of native DNA/RNA Generate content-rich data, including methylation
  • Data available in real time Rapid insights, and analyses that can respond to results in real time
  • Scalable from portable devices to ultra-high throughput desktop devices Sequence anything, anywhere
  • No capital investment required Accessible and cost effective
  • Simple & rapid, or automated, library prep Easy to use and versatile

"long reads allow easy phasing of methylation into different alleles"

Timothy Gilpatrick, Johns Hopkins University, US

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"The ability of nanopore sequencing to evaluate methylation from native DNA sequences obviated the need for bisulfite modification"

Thidathip Wongsurawat, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, US

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"Targeted long-read sequencing … allowed us to simultaneously assay repeat length, sequence content, and methylation"

Danny Miller, University of Washington, US

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"ultra-long reads…profile patterns of methylation over repetitive regions that are often difficult to detect with short-read sequencing"

Karen Miga, University of California Santa Cruz, US

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"Ultimately, in-field sequencing potentiated by nanopore devices raises the prospect of enhanced agility in exploring Earth’s most remote microbiomes"

Arwyn Edwards, Aberystwyth University

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